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Welcome to PreponeSMS

Our Web SMS Interface will enable you to send SMS without a mobile phone in a very quick way. This is possible with easy and convenient manipulation on keyboard and monitor with user-friendly interface of Web browsers. Our Web based SMS tool offers bulk SMS delivery, address book merge functionality, bulk imports of contacts, and many advanced sending features.

Companies and Individuals who wants to stay in touch with their staff and customers for their meetings, notices and product announcements can use our Web Based SMS tool. Resellers interested in provision of reliable and affordable SMS services to their customers can also use our system.

Features of our Bulk SMS tool:

Single and Bulk Text Messaging.
Grouping Functionality.
Import of Address book from text files.
Single click SMS delivery to hundred's of numbers.
SMS Scheduling (Sending SMS at a designated time)
Online Address Book.
Online Group Management.
Online Templates.
Delivery notification.
Real-time reports. 
Fast Delivery to over 450 networks worldwide.
Easy and Immediate integration and deployment.


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